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2006 - The Hayfield Lakes

Sun Oct 01, 2006 8:37 pm

Hi All
Thank you to Geoff 2E0GWP for a very relaxing weekend.
A little wet on the Friday evening (never knew that a caravan could aquaplane) but very easy to find (next time I do a rally I will get them to build an airport near by) but surprisingly no aircraft noise.

The site was excellent and the scenery makes you want to just sit and do nothing (good at that I am), although I am not and never have been a fisherman I can understand the attraction in sitting next to a lake on a Saturday afternoon just waiting for a bite, no spouse no children just the water and the fish.

Saturday morning and Breakfast in The Hayfield, well worth the money as I found out this morning.

Then the sun came out and by lunchtime the beers starter to come out and the flag poll circle developed about 6 hours early (that way I am not late) and despite the odd dark cloud the rain was kept at bay by the rally marshal.

In the evening back into The Hayfield (that 10 metre walk was just the right amount of exercise) for a delicious meal and a pint or two of John Smiths best, then that 16 metre walk back to the van.

Sunday Morning, another one of them irresistible breakfasts and the rain from the night turned off once again by the rally marshal (well done Geoff) and a slow migration of outfit off in different directions to face the week ahead suitably refreshed.

Units attended:-
Geoff 2E0GWP (rally Marshal)
Paul G3LMK
Alan G4EPN
Jack G3PVG
John G4NWN
Richard G8TPA
Trevor M1CXF
Units sent apologies:-
Ed G0INA (we missed you Ed but understand)

Thanks again Geoff.
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